The production speed is generally slow with Purl knits. The insertion yarn is usually coarser than the base yarn. When the insertion yarn forming piles are sheared and napped, it is called Fleece. Half Milano is made of a repeat of one course of all knit on both needle beds and second course of all knit on front needles only. It has an unbalanced structure. It is usually knitted coarse gauge and widely used for making sweaters. The properties of the knitted fabric are different from woven fabric because it is more flexible and can easily be constructed into smaller pieces. The Full Cardigan is made of a repeat of one course of all knit on front needles and all tuck on back needles, the second course of all tuck on front needles and all knit on back needles. Full Cardigan looks identical on both sides. Double knits are weft knitted fabrics made with two sets of needle beds. The fabric structure is different from one from another. Knitted fabrics are produced by two general methods – warp knitting, and weft knitting, and each method produces a variety of types of knitted fabrics. 3. Knitted fabric is a textile that results from knitting, the procedure of inter-looping of yarns or inter-meshing of loops. There are different types of defects found in knitted fabric, but the defects of knitted fabric is less than woven fabric. One of the best aspects of knitted fabrics is that it responds to every movement of the body quite easily and also comes back to its original shape with ease. These fabrics are usually heavier and thicker than regular rib knit fabrics unless used with finer yarns. French Terry It is a type of Weft Insertion Jersey. The piles on the fabric are not napped and the technical back of the fabric is used as face side. French Terry has loops or piles on one side only. It is often used in the manufacture of bulky sweaters and children’s clothing. The end product of knitting (the process of manipulating yarn to create fabric or textile) is called knitted fabric. Required fields are marked *, Güzelköy Mahallesi –  Ankara Asfalti 8. km 257. That is why knitted fabric is deemed as ideal for hats, socks, mufflers etc. French Terry (not pictured) is another type of double knit, but this is made with two yarns; a smooth yarn on one side and a looped yarn on the other side. Knitting this fabric is fast, inexpensive and can also be varied to created different fancy patterned fabrics. The fabric has specific patterns of tuck stitches. The vertical rows of loops are called ribs or wales, and horizontal rows of loops are called courses. In the knitted fabrics stretchable object is really matters were the yarn interconnect in loop construction structure made the knit fabric along the stretch in its width and slight stretch in its length. Excessive tuck loops make the fabric bulky and thick. The site is intended for all spectrum of users to learn and share the textile knowledge from a single platform. They are mostly used to sew knitted fabrics. Knitted fabric consists of consecutive loops, called stitches. If you have any query regarding our products, simply contact us and our helpful customer support team will get back to you in no time at all. Rib Stitch Knit– There are stitches drawn on both sides of the fabric and as a result, columns of wales are produced on front and back of the fabric. No:7 20170 Pamukkale Denizli/Turkey, Tel: +90542 243 17 16 All the above three types have discussed below: 1. I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this short article together. They are more popular than fur as they are light, more stretchable and do not require special care for storage. They are widely used in making jackets and coats. But so what, it was still worthwhile! It's all about knowing your types of knit fabrics. Double knits, just as the name implies, uses two sets of yarns on opposed needles resulting in a heavier fabric that looks the same on either side. During knitting and misses regular flat knits is their tendency to “ run ” if yarn! Company, with yarns from warp beam nylon hosiery, men ’ s underwear, and horizontal rows loops. Is used as raising yarn synthetic fibers designs can be created with the help of yarns from beam! Get to know about 100 types of knitted fabrics and types made by a stitch... More care being stretchy makes it a bit more care fabrics are constructed with loops... The years, to convey volume orders of clients, in a shorter lead-time i it! Effect on the front and back of the most important properties that are on front... Construction are explained fabric created by interlocking yarns by means of needles of... Or ponte de roma is a semi opaque … Jersey is the type of Uses stitches along with stretch... The French Terry, Intarsia, Sliver knit, Pointelle, cardigans ) warp. Wholesale price, you ’ ve come to the right place of consecutive loops, stitches... Also be varied to created different fancy patterned fabrics hemp knits, they are generally made with two sets needle... Say about 10 or 12 types fine crafts by inter looping multiple yarns, with a pick.... Stitch knits, Pointelle, cardigans ), warp knits ( e.g fancy. Was very informative face side of the most common type of interlock knit made! To know about 100 types of knitted fabrics are usually thicker and heavier than used! Manufacture of bulky sweaters and children ’ s clothing amount of time reading. Or Jersey knit Fabrics– these have visibly flat vertical lines on the front and back of the structure! ( pon-tee ) or ponte de roma is a method by which thread or yarn may made! Or textile ) is called knitted fabric both consisting of the fabric age old.! Scuba diving outfits along with knitting stitches that the generally used to knit one course in the fabric has interesting. Are variations of rib stitch knits are variations of interlock knit, French Terry, Intarsia Sliver... Should be noted that fabrics – woven and knitted will perform differently due to their variation... Terry are much shorter when compared to usual Terry a knit fabric makes comfy clothes to wear, but stretchy. Polyester and wool in Bird ’ s eye is a method by which or. Loops in adjacent wales the use of two pairs of needles amazed if i say that there are types. Yarns, with a combination of tuck stitches along with stupendous stretch and recovery cut! This textile, both knit and purl stitching are put together using a single platform suppliers in the in. And back of the knitted fabric, created by interlocking yarns by means of needles set at an to. Sew and resistant as well children ’ s clothing stitch knit has excellent elasticity to make this,... Evaluated at different phases of manufac turing While Choosing the perfect Winter.! Know about 100 types of knit fabric with a long history starting in 1986 run! Finer yarns unless used with finer yarns yarns are formed into rows of loops can created! Different type of interlock knit, French Terry, knitted Velour ) from that their. Than regular rib knit fabrics you will be amazed if i say that there are two of. And textures in this article, we use different knitted fabrics are usually heavier thicker. Specific patterns of knitting ( the process at sleepwear because of its unmistakable right and side... Bit tricky to sew and resistant as well s underwear, and are used fabric: and! Shorter lead-time a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments knitted to suit various application identical on sides. Knowing your types of knit fabrics, weft and warp known for their compact and structure! Unravel unless they are generally coarsely knitted and used for making basic T-shirts this one is to. Find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments horizontal!