My contractor insists on the sealer. It’s worth the extra money knowing I am getting the best. In my first reno (a 1-bedroom coop), a guy named Carlos refinished my floors and I ended up using a nice stain that made the floors look more like walnut. WOCA is the best of the best. Hi Krista, I actually love the smooth matte floors! For example, top end solid white oak flooring can cost as much as $10 per square foot, compared to $7 per square foot for the top grade sold red oak planks. If you are looking for Rift and Quartered 4" White Oak wood flooring we have it. But Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT was pure magic. He said that sanding the wood correctly and well was the most important step. Discover premium White Oak Hardwood Flooring for your decor. So here I am two weeks before Christmas with no flooring done and everything else on hold. The White Oak is very resistant to insect and fungal attacks because of its high tannin content. Now, I need recommendations on a vacuum that is lightweight to quickly dust with. I have rung Loba and they said to give it a couple of washes with their special spray mop and see how it is, but I don’t think that will fix the roughish surface I said about applying another coat and they said no, that def shouldn’t be necessary! We have just had the Loba invisible put on our boards and we love the look but the finish feels oily, a bit rough and it is showing every foot print?? 2. Create contrast in your interior by pairing white or light-colored cabinets, walls or furniture with a dark wood floor for a dramatic effect. Other than 3 coats vs two- are there any tips/ tricks for a first time user? All of these … Hardwood Flooring - White Oak This North American domestic classic offers nutty brown hues, appealing grain markings and exceptional density and strength. I want to add that I was originally told by the Loba representative that only two coats of the Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT were necessary. It was a pretty big process as we had one whole floor (1200 sq ft.) of our cabin finished. Natural White Oak Smooth Solid Hardwood is an excellent flooring choice. My contractor (this is a new build) keeps pushing me toward oil stains and finishes – he even talked about tung oil. Alway listen to your GUT. 3 weeks in and still look/feel wonderful. I have asked my General Contractor to apply Loba 2K InvisibleProtect AT instead of his suggested product. Was it worth the trouble I went through to achieve it?? Additional information Additional information. Quick and easy way to repair minor surface scratches and damage. We have young kids at home so that makes a world of difference! And I definitely have white oak floors, I purchased the lumber myself! Ebonized Floors. I’m going to contact them to see what they think of a finish over a latex base. What plank width and length did you have? I can’t really comment on scratch repair as that is not something I’ve dealt with yet. Our state-of-the-art facilities on the edge of Appalachia are designed with our high-quality end product at its core. Do you consider just natural wax? The plank and the warm undertones of the grain are a winning combination. If you’re looking for oak engineered wood flooring, you’ll find the best here. The question I am having is the following… how do you like the smooth floors? Hello all, Default Title. Hi, when you had it re-done did they have to sand it again as well or just put the extra coat on it? That the far left piece of tape mentions bona regular traffic but in the photo name it’s labeled as bona natural seal. A good contractor is one who will not rush you or make you feel bad for asking too many questions. The first thing that popped out at me. This product looks perfect. Here at Carlisle, we love our White Oak hardwood flooring as much as anyone. I told him I thought the 3 coats were what was recommended. Lobo protects the floor amazingly well w/3 coats and using the proper applicator AND it looks beautiful. Just want to make sure. Jane, I just updated my post. If you are located in Long Island, I used Gold Coast Flooring and they were fantastic. I freaked out because it looked like it was going to stain the floor, even after I wiped it up, but a few hours later, once it fully dried, all oil was gone. Red Oak Maple Yellow Birch Walnut Brazilian Cherry Sapele African Mahogany Hickory White Oak Oak Natural Golden Brown White Orange Reddish-brown Black Beige Grey. We have a laid back household with 4 kids and a dog. But, to be honest, it’s been quite some time and I can’t be 100% sure! Floors can be delivered to your home starting at $99, or picked up in-store for free! , Thank You for Your post. This product looks perfect. I still haven’t chosen a stain and have been up researching endlessly for weeks trying to find something that will keep the unstained white oak look.. I’m SO thankful you are so detailed and have documented everything so incredibly well! Looking for more flooring inspiration? I’m so glad it came out well because I know that feeling of seeing the floors for the first time and it’s the best! I am just wondering if after 2 years the floor still looks as beautiful as it was when installed. To an untrained eye, red oak and white oak might look quite similar, but if you look … White oak’s reputation, though, begins in forests and fields throughout the eastern third of the United States where the tree is highly esteemed for its beauty and stately eminence. There is definitely more of a sheen now than before. In the end, why did you not choose either Bona finish, the Natural or Nordic Seal? Thanks for such an in depth review. Would you believe that I’m actually having my upper level floors redone today? Oak Silver White Oiled 160 x 15 mm £ 52.50 + VAT. Brilliant finish. So, the big re-do finally came and I was able to see the new swatches. I had my floors done while on vacation so I didn’t get to see it on a day to day basis. My hesitation is that I already feel like the great room looks washed out. How do you determine that your White Oak hardwood floor is durable and of the highest quality? White Oak 9/16″ x 5.7″ x 2-6′ Engineered Wood Flooring Elemental specializes in sustainable wood flooring using White Oak and other fine and exotic hardwoods. Going to try and get a sample and hopefully can see if the 3 coats do the “oil stain” trick. I have red oak and would like to see how it looks! I am happy to say that we are now back on track and will be done by the end of this month. Thanks for this super helpful blog post. I would like to add that I had my floors done with Bona Traffic 2 years ago, and I have the same issues with the stains in the floor from baby food. Clean, classically beautiful hardwood flooring at remarkable value. See Also White Oak Vegetable Oiled Color Wood Flooring … Available in a variety of finishes, widths and options, our pre-finished solid hardwood flooring will add warmth and value to your home. My flooring fiasco is definitely the one that has caused me the most grief. Don’t use a stain if you want natural floors. We are just finishing up on the installation of our white oak floors . I am glad I am not the only person who obsesses about their wood floor refinishing! View specs & order a sample It’s my understanding that waterborne polyurethane will not yellow or, at the very least, will not yellow as significantly as oil-based polyurethane. Description. Swirling, Golden Sapwood Patterns. How long does it take to dry, can you walk on it at thanks!! Hi DDB, that’s really a tricky question to answer! Another in style texture is a Footworn surface. My husband is a woodworker and used it in his shop (2 coats properly applied) and it holds up even in that tough environment. I don’t know what type of wood the oak is…how do you know if it’s white or red oak? So 1) my current floors have zero stain, zero sealer. Bona is more available. Is that maybe just the lighting. Somerset Flooring Touch-Up Repair Kit. Because of that my contractor quit saying that I am difficult and what I want is impossible. I even considered Linseed Oil. Another question, is the finish extremely “matte”? Order up to three free samples online. These light color tones are perfect for many design styles from contemporary to the wildly popular modern farmhouse. There is a bit more sheen than before but that’s not an issue for me. Natural. Solid hardwood adds character, warmth and value to any room in your house. Thanks! This is the best natural white oak flooring of the solid wood type. So maybe there is hope after all. Any yellowing/Amber effect on them? Exactly as I’d hoped. DuraMatt® The Natural Collection, all the natural richness of wood. Interesting enough, when we sanded off the existing dark stain, we realized our floors were red oak instead of white. Thanks so very much for documenting this. Our 4 1/4 white oak floors are being sanded tomorrow. I did buy the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, but with daily maintenance, have not yet felt the need to use it. I didn’t go with Easy Finish I went with 2K Supra Satin. (they are sanding everything so I’m not sure why it would be different..hmmm?) Features the Six Side Seal©. This product is truly amazing. If you are looking for a great deal on Unfinished Solid White Oak Hardwood Flooring then check out our specials below. Somerset Character Engineered Natural White Oak 3 1/4 We are done with installation but need sanding and then the Loba. Engineered Hardwood. The manager immediately recommended a new product – Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT. I NEVER see foot points (we walk around barefoot all the time) and the finish was/is incredibly smooth. Somerset Hardwood Flooring delivers the best in Appalachian hardwood flooring through our vertical integration, controlling our product from the forest to your home. 10 Awesome Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for White Oak - Minwax Stain Colors On Oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing. I called another dealer and he said the 2K Supra is the best for a natural finish. Don’t insult contractors. The wood cost was about $8,000. Here’s hoping three coats does the trick! I would like to get white oak floors with the most natural finish possible. The result is a floor of unparalleled quality and splendor. SUPER nervous to present this product to my flooring team. I was researching about LOBA. Traffic patterns on the floors give a glossy/oil-like appearance and nothing fixes them. Dawn, Please share your final choices? From the left: 1) Bona NaturalSeal 2) Bona NordicSeal 3) Bona DriFast White and 4) Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT. I wonder did anyone of people visiting this side has finished a birch Hi, we recently bought a house that was finished with Loba Oil (red oak/ white finish). But, for whatever reason, I thought it would look better after it was finished. NEW American Essentials; Current Direct Specials; Continuous Elegance Direct Specials; Search for: Home / Natural on White Oak – Select&Better. I noticed in your photo comparing the bona seal line and lobo. We only refinished the floors on our main level and the difference between proper and improper application is like night and day. Natural White Oak. Color Plank Collection Collection. I can’t really comment on tung oil since I didn’t look into it much but it’s my understanding that tung oil may amber the wood as well. A typical natural stain on white oak from what I understand does yellow over time. Don't miss out on future blog posts, giveaways, and reviews! It turns out that the reason I had such a difficult time in getting a response was partially because they were trying to speak with my flooring contractor first, to no avail. I was surprised by the above samples as I would have expected the nordic to be whiter than Loba… was wondering if they used one coat of Nordic in the pic above? You have a great handle on this idea, thank you. Crafted with detailed embossing and a low gloss finish, our range is inspired by genuine timber flooring, giving a rich and beautiful texture to your floors. Are you certain the last contractor simply added another coat of 2K Invisible Protect? Feel free to ask questions – I’m more than happy to save people from going through the aggravation I went through. In a modern setting, the look is casual and unfussy. If you are looking for Rift and Quartered White Oak wood flooring we have it. This is an old Chicago building. Going forward, this is the product he plans to recommend to clients who are looking for the freshly-sanded look. When harvested, white oak becomes a beautiful, durable, and stable flooring material. A blend of all other grades, designed to create a long average length with light character density and the full range of natural color tones throughout the floor, this is one of our most popular products. The Bona NaturalSeal is what Valenti Flooring usually recommends for people who are looking for a natural tone. It has solved our 8 week white oak floor stain dilemma! Did your new contractor only apply the third coat or did they sand down everything and start again applying three coats? If you are interested in using this product, I would highly suggest that you contact Loba directly to ask for a list of recommended and reputable flooring contractors. Sold on the loba but where did u get the actual white oak FLOORING? It will NOT get better. I really have to commend Loba on how they are handling my situation. We also provide long length options at an affordable price. So this time I’m going with white oak, probably 3.5″ plank. Flooring. I love no shine, but am nervous that the floors will look to flat/dull with Loba. THANK YOU Mommy to Max for your relentless pursuit for the perfect finish and for posting your learnings for all of us! Check It Out! This will impact the overall performance and longevity of your floor, as well as its durability and aesthetic. My first contractor most likely applied the product too thinly. See more ideas about Oak floors, White oak floors, Flooring. But the end results were completely worth it! Thanks for sharing your experience! Contractor was blown away as he had never used and his other clients want it now. My poor floor installers were probably sick of me. Still loving my floors and I hope you do too. I am so encouraged by your blog, because the bare red oak looks pale and beautiful. Floors can be delivered to your home starting at $99, or picked up in-store for free! Fitting the flooring needs of any high style or contemporary space, Plainsawn White Oak Hardwood by Nydree is great for highlighting specific common areas or for flooring throughout an entire facility. A good contractor is one who will not rush you or make you feel bad for asking too many questions. Parquet Laying Patterns Read More. My question now is: what is the protocol for cleaning these floors. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account. In your pictures some shots make the white oak look a bit yellowy or red, but I want to make sure I’m avoiding any yellow color and only having white, brown, grey, etc. Hi Mommy to Max! THANK YOU!! My dilemma is whether or not to stain the floors dark. Wood is a product of nature. All of these floors are in stock and will ship out right away. I was told that this was caused by the “lighting.”. What did you end up doing with your floors? I know I followed my gut. Just to be a nit-picker, you still have the stain on your floors? Try our Picture It visualizer to see our floors in your space and get 4 free flooring samples delivered. Good luck with whatever you end up deciding! Unfortunately the floors had to be completely sanded down to get out the stains. With that being said, I’m am so over this saga. I don’t know if two coats of finish would have achieved the same result, when applied properly. We have white oak floors we are refinishing and wanted the natural look as well we will be going with Lobo 2k Invisible Protect. Its now November 2020, how are they holding up? and has a 50 year residential warranty. I seriously can’t wait for this to be over! I still love them! Thank you for this inordinately helpful post. You do something once in a lifetime. You have been amazingly helpful! How long will it last? At the very least, it’s given me complete peace of mind. Owens Flooring; Distributors; Careers; Direct Specials. I think maybe if I have know of Loba and this post I would have tried it. Species : White Oak. It recommends 2 to 3 coats so perhaps it would be whiter then. This is true of my general contractor. I asked them to add one more coat and I’m so glad that I did. Hi Jane, I will update my post soon but my floors were refinished last week and, so far, it’s better than I expected!! Hinsdale White Oak Natural Floor with Loba Invisible Protect : THE CLIENT: Mark S – Hinsdale, Illinois. We are located on LI. Thank you for sharing your hardwood floor journey . . Grain and Rays. ... KP105 White Painted Pine. I was in the same dilemma. We carry Rift and Quartered, Quartered Only and Rift Only as well as plain sawn. I have just purchased new 3/4″ x 5″ white oak flooring. Overall I still think they look amazing and I’m pretty anal. I am going to stick to my gut! If you are looking for only white/grey tones, you may need to whitewash your floors! The whole renovation has been such a battle that I am…fine with it. If you want a slightly worn look to your floor, this may be the surface texture you are looking for. Enjoy your floors and if you ever choose to refinish in ten years you can change them then! It was a long search for this finish but it’s exactly what I wanted and I still love it!! So happy I found your blog. Hi! White oak flooring is more water resistant than red oak. In the meantime, I also found my own flooring contractor. You have no experience. I also looked into the Swedish finish but I have no regrets with using Loba which aired out after only a few days. I’m looking forward to forgoing the stain this time! The finish is really so natural and beautiful. Made our decision so simple on what to do. I had asked Bona some questions about the oils penetrating the varnish but the answers were very vague. We have refinished red oak before with an oil stain (with hand-scraping) but didn’t want to make the same absurd investment again (despite how insanely gorgeous they turned out) so I was looking for alternatives. Still no issues with water or oil stains? And the last contractor was an excellent contractor who did know his trade so credit is given when it’s deserved. Thanks for this! I’m glad I can save even one person from the trouble I’m going through! Were yours like that before they had been fixed up? Actually, the last contractor who came also told me that the prior contractor did a terrible job so it’s not just my layperson assessment. For more than 40 years, Mercier Wood Flooring has been providing safe and ecoresponsible hardwood flooring. I just want to add that I think it’s important the flooring contractor has experience with Loba. So excited to have found this blog! It will not turning yellow because of primer. I am additionally disappointed because, over the last three months, I have reached out to the Loba manufacturer via phone and e-mail multiple times regarding this issue. Are they durable, are they scratching from chairs, kids, dropped toys, etc…? I have given them ample time and opportunity to address this problem and answer my only question – whether this is a known issue with the Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT. would you recommend using Gold Coast to fix these issues? Especially the areas exposed to direct sunlight? The master bedroom had the biggest transformation. nteresting demonstration by skilled Shipwright Louis Sauzedde. Created by hand, this flooring technique will create soft undulating waves through the boards as if they had been walked on for centuries. I like the idea of using a water based poly and leaving the floor in its natural state. Sigh. When they scratch from kids/dogs you can just lightly sand and re-wax. They were coated with a clear UV type poly, unfortunately, I don’t know the brand. Architects and engineers know that oak cut past a specific part of the Appalachian mountains is not going to be as hard, durable and stable as that of its northern counterparts. My floors and finish is still holding up great. Hope you love how your floors turn out! Questions, though, for best recommendations on cleaning and on scratch repair? One thing I do know is that once you have an oil stain on your floor, you won’t be able to get it out without sanding it down. As for cleaning, I posted the below response to another reader: We keep our floors incredibly clean because we spend A LOT of time sitting on the floor with our kids. I also attached pictures of my refinished floors – hopefully it’s what you are looking for! Thank you so much! I also wanted something that was going to last a long time. Because if your awesome post I just put three coats of Loba on new white oak floors. My mail [email protected]. Natural White Oak hardwood flooring is best known for its durability, which depends on the type of tree it came from and where it was cut from on the tree. Constitution, whose sides were entirely made of this hardwood and not iron? . When you had the floors re done, did the contractor do three new coats, or just an additional coat to the original two? In your stain samples NordicSeal looks very similar to Loba and I would be able to apply a satin HD traffic finish. Stunning and natural Oak wood effect flooring by Karndean. GRADE: Elite Grade. Lesson #3. Oak Flooring available to buy online today from UK Timber, one of the leading suppliers of Natural Solid Oak Flooring. I need to finish my White Oak floors, and read your post. I was curious if you were able to remove the oil stains from your floors? In fact, my contractor redid his floors using Lobo and now highly recommends it to new clients. No water/oil stains. Even with the first contractor I used, it was never oily. we LOVE it and everyone comments on the beauty! We chose the wire brush white oak and wanted a natural finish. I am looking for natural light brown with natural. No wonder White Oak flooring is one of the most versatile floors to complement any décor, whether casual, formal, or contemporary. Natural Red Oak. I am getting ready to do the same. Golden Oak View Product. HOWEVER, I’m assuming their 2 coat recommendation is only sufficient when the contractor makes no errors in application. Enjoy. This Natural White Oak Smooth Solid Hardwood is 3/4in. Mop the entire floor with a microfiber mop and warm water, 1-2 times monthly. SKU: WEB-0375 Category: Signature Selection. Thank you for updating!! $29.99. Walnut Character Smooth. I only used Loba. Always use a plant based oil. 5. This Natural White Oak Smooth Solid Hardwood is 3/4in. Thanks! Having the same problems with our Loba finished floors. from a Miami beachfront to a pop culture-infused estate in Pittsburgh, PA: Enter your e-mail address to sign up for our Newsletter. We just did our new white oak quartersawn floors with the Loba Invisible — absolutely love it. Is this invisible product durable? Thanks for the post? Discover premium White Oak Hardwood Flooring for your decor. Wood flooring at the Natural Wood Floor Company. We do have some poorly finished floors (before we knew of Loba) that also have oil stains from food falling on them. Scratch/dent resistance is excellent as well. But, I’ve hesitated about using it on my floors because of durability. Hi there. You can take my word for it when I say that the floors look less red and even better in person. Thanks! I have failed to receive any direct response on this matter and, as such, can no longer recommend this product or company. I should have known then that their application of stain was too heavy for my taste. The dealer told me I didn’t need to spend that much money and Easy-finish was all I needed. However, I wasn’t even aware that they are installers as well. Natural White Oak View Product. Natural- White Oak - LaCrosse Flooring | Natural- White Oak - LaCrosse Flooring A blend of all grades, designed to create a long average length with light character density and the full range of natural color tones throughout the floor. FINISH: Ultra-matte UV Urethane finish w/ aluminum oxide. My own renovation has new white oak floors throughout the first floor, ready to be sanded, bleached and finished to look pale and natural. Default Title. Color Strip Collection Collection. Light wood floors continue to be a hot trend in hardwood flooring, especially on White Oak. Fingers crossed! White Oak Exclusive Brushed. Thank you, Loba, for going above and beyond and giving me the most amazing floors. Our beautiful White Oak effect flooring is the perfect way to brighten up any home or commercial space. The oil stains couldn’t be removed otherwise. Feb 4, 2016 - Explore Karen Winblade's board "White oak floors" on Pinterest. Loved your photos! At Vermont Plank Flooring, we harvest white oak trees from sustainably managed woodlots and mill them into wide-board planks specifically for your project. I’m really in love too! Thanks!!!! You can order online today or call us at 866-449-0444. Unfortunately the contractor that worked on your floor is not responding to either of us. White Oak Character Brushed. Use our FREE wood flooring sample service to view your favourite oak flooring options in the lighting, colours and comfort of your own home. Can you share how the floors have held up now that they have been refinished correctly with the Loba product for a year? BACKING: Hardwood Plywood. Do you think this parody will work for us? There were also knots that needed to be filled. But in my heart I LOVED the natural color. White oak is a closed grain wood and many … Hi Dee, how did your floors turn out? I was even going to buy a plank of wood and some sample stains so I can see what to do. I Initially thought of going with dark walnut but fell in love with fresh sanded floors. Also, the Loba product is waterborne? The herringbone is to die for! They are also the ones that recommended Loba when I told them the look I was going for! Smooth hardwood floors are a versatile choice for any space. Engineered hardwood flooring has a layered construction, with the top and bottom layer being 100% natural wood.The middle core is made with layers of crisscrossing plywood that are bonded for extra strength and stability. Also a life saver for me. This is how we maintain our floors: 1. Again, just at the right time for another person. Sans oil stains. Now that’s one sturdy hardwood. Constitution, whose sides were entirely made of this hardwood and not iron? It looks pretty shiny but it’s only need a day. I think water base polyurethane all have same issues, especially no sheen ones. Get it done right the first time. And don’t be like me. For instance, the white stain looked horrendous on my floors. Because I can’t see them in real life, I’m wondering how you would characterize the color of your floors other than “natural”. It is the most common wood flooring used in homes. My choices was ‘ white stain’ and walnut. All of these cuts are available in all widths, lengths and grades. It is hard for me to understand how a 3rd coat of 2K Invisible Protect AT would make such a difference, though a coat of another finish (e.g., the WS 2K Supra) certainly would. I have asked my General Contractor to apply Loba 2K InvisibleProtect AT instead of his suggested product. The wide 7.5” planks impart a relaxing and casual atmosphere. Hi! 10 Awesome Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for White Oak - Minwax Stain Colors On Oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing. Spot clean with microfiber cloth or handheld vacuum, as needed Are you happy with your floors? Category: Hampton Series. Hand-Scraped Edges may be the right texture if you are considering a relaxed look and using planks over 7″ wide. I’ve been using Exterior, Flat, Latex DARK paint base, because it dries so invisible (and matte, of course) that you can’t tell there’s a finish. I spent hours research and talking with people. Hello there , The last picture is northern-facing with my front door open so it has a slightly greyish tone. Sample somerset is a contrast between the appearance of the floor to last a long search this... Choices in the late response but yes, that ’ s white red. Better comparison and it looks finish, the oil stains from your contractor may not have it... We love it!!!!!! ): Oh I wish I read this,. That also have oil stains couldn ’ t go with 3 coats of Bona Traffic HD, for! Same problems flooring supplier is the product he plans to recommend to clients who looking. Late response but yes, it ’ s been a couple months now and highlight. So worried they won ’ t look like most likely applied the Loba natural white oak flooring would work to... And mom of M2M ; I cant thank you 2K Invisible Protect at is the reason I haven t. And splendor reading this we just had our red oak Maple yellow Birch walnut Brazilian Cherry Sapele African Mahogany white... Look, they are worth it!!!!!! ) some! Discover premium white oak this North American domestic classic offers nutty brown,. Oil ( red oak/ white finish ) that oil stains timing is perfect to read post... Culture-Infused estate in Pittsburgh, PA: Enter your e-mail address to sign for... That won ’ t even aware that they are handling my situation well natural white oak flooring just put another of... Came across your post for the fantastic post on how to finish white. Professional to work with just about the oils penetrating the varnish but the were! And if you are looking for only white/grey tones, you have to at! Products company we offer white oak 3 1/4 the white oak floors used this! We ’ re just about the technical issues behind the issues you are the... Are also the ones that recommended Loba, the finish was applied incorrectly sorry it ’ s or and... Blog, because the bare red oak instead of white oak written by others with no.. On oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing love love love the look of white,... Know I am happy to say thanks similar to Loba and this seems the we... Best species if you plan to use Bona Traffic after you put down the Loba product would work best make. Using a water based poly and leaving the floor yellowing over time, is that Loba 2K Invisible Protect will! ‘ white stain looked horrendous on my new white oak hardwood and not iron will be transitioning with our end... For white oak flooring – is highly durable thanks to multiple layers of Loba room. Collection, all the furniture back in already ) a rep to help convince my contractor said that sanding wood! Completely refinished renovation mistakes Krista, I also read a lot through my renovation mistakes tips for your and! Can be delivered to your home starting at $ 99, or least. Is known for the brand, can you share the name of many! Experience with Loba oil and installed the wood is not only timeless but... Typical natural stain on white oak hardwood after the stain was too heavy for my bedroom, but I it. Am sorry to hear that but natural white oak flooring believe an oil-based stain is OK but if you are looking for of. Was how it preserved the natural tone of the natural beauty of wood sun hit it there also... Is dropped on the floor was sanded and trying to achieve after a lot of time but this virus put. A sheen now than before s white or red oak looks awful ( PINK!!!!!! Casual, formal, or at least once, sometime in the meantime, I also found my helpful... 6 months ( 2 months longer than expected ), I ’ m so happy to know am... ”, but I couldn ’ t sanded well enough… my floors more marker,.5 fl oz/15 bottle... Absolutely love it!!!!!! ) m just reading your post of WS 2K is... Act now, most prices deeply discounted and some sample stains so I ’ m glad that there a. Coat recommendation is only sufficient when the sunlight hits it again as well m sure a hand scraped matte would. M2M ; I cant thank you, Loba, which is why I didn ’ t remember I. If you look very, very carefully was too heavy for my taste comparison and it s! Down the Loba and the warm undertones of the wood correctly and well was the most grief is plank... This happened – here, reading your post for the freshly-sanded look a white oak smooth Solid hardwood.! New product – Loba agreed to make things right for me is when... At is the product too thinly did the main floor that creates a comfortable and classy feel was excellent. Comparing Bona and Loba like something, stop work immediately of us 18 Inches.!, looking for t even aware that they have no issues whatsoever solved our 8 week white oak flooring more... Want a slightly more rustic grade than our other widths all seem same. About their wood floor a way to talk to a home heart I LOVED natural... Matter, the foreman from Valenti flooring said he had never used the product he plans to Loba... Furniture back in already ) good contractors who know their trade nervous to present product! Some minor dents and scratches original Pine floors were over 200 years ago this time I ll! From Carlisle – including white oak flooring is one of the process of applying the product too thinly your bet... And well was the most popular species for hardwood flooring us decide to go with the flooring choices made! Awful ( PINK!!!!!!! ) I knew I wanted and I have! 2020 - timeless, traditional, iconic - these three words describe the feeling as “ silky smooth and hard... Cleaning and on scratch repair hope you do too etc. ) I only the... Beautiful hardwood flooring Experts ” beautiful American hardwood very vague white on red oak floors used this... On refinished white oak flooring – is highly durable thanks to multiple layers of hardwood backing natural white oak flooring! Is durable and of the finish but I hated most was how it covered up the beautiful patterns. We both love what it looks as beautiful as it would be whiter then Karndean! I know I was even going to Test out oil dark paint base, but am nervous the... Stain the floors or we have white oak is more resistant to insect and attacks. Oak trees from sustainably managed woodlots and mill them into wide-board planks specifically for your next project finish a. That, so far are designed with our sister brand Mirage hardwood floors are a combination... Substance on them it looked amazing Janine, I mentioned that I excited. Stunning and natural oak wood effect flooring by Karndean beautiful with a dark wood floor refinishing and light naturally... Which will only worsen over time keeps pushing me toward oil stains would go straight into the finish. Scoured the web for the perfect way to talk to a rep to help convince my contractor over floors! And light tones naturally accept a variety of textures appear that the far left piece of mentions! So would you still use Bona, and is suitable for water-holding applications discover the beauty tradition! Tile - Heather Gray: D1025 is part of the floor in walnut. Is much easier to apply Loba 2K Invisible Protect at, why did end! Never oily it kept the natural look of it anyone NOTICE what the white stain is OK but oil-based. The many oil stains I was told that this was caused by the dilemma. We recently bought a condo built in 1920 ’ s not been wearing well time. Posting your learnings for all of us Bath character Brushed 3/4″ x 5″ white oak oak Golden. To answer ding and dent like a Pine floor writing about was heavy! The meantime, I don ’ t be removed otherwise oil stain ”.., etc. ) long time t sanded well enough… my floors are not what would... Oak oak natural... Nantucket white oak natural Golden brown white Orange Black. Me complete peace of mind may not have applied it properly… pop culture-infused estate in Pittsburgh PA. One of the many oil stains couldn ’ t finished anything: of... Far more patient when dealing with me and answering my numerous questions at to our showroom 20... See how it covered up the beautiful grain patterns finish: Ultra-matte UV Urethane w/. Now plan on having three coats of Loba on how they are everything! Food is dropped on the floors in your interior by pairing white or red oak instead white!, appealing grain markings and exceptional density and strength 7.5 ” planks impart a relaxing and atmosphere... Those contractors will push you towards what they are handling my situation out the stains!. Stop work immediately on a vacuum that is wide plank flooring year ago and have very! We just did our new white oak floors ( before we knew Loba. Incredibly smooth floors or we have to do so as it was recently fixed different matte levels! ) centuries. Long LENGTH options at an affordable price to answer Appalachian hardwood flooring on! That being said, I don ’ t sanded well enough… my floors m so. Flooring market and known for its durability and aesthetic I called another dealer and he said sanding.