December 30, 2020 Big Country Receiving Leaders ... 2020 Schedule. There in my front yard, Berry persuaded me to do two things — sign up for driver’s ed, and talk to the driver’s ed teacher, head football coach Jerrell Rice, to see if I could be the incoming freshman “manager” (as trainer/managers were called) for the football team. 11 Broncos named to All-Academic team July 14, ... Cisco, TX. It would have been more efficient to have Earl get the signal all the time. ... Ryan Taylor named Cisco College Head Football Coach. Texas football playoff scores News - Published on 12/3/2020 4:00 PM 2020 Schedule 10 - 4. 2020 VARSITY ROSTER. Because of these four seasons, I never got to see the Lobo band perform at halftime; nor did I ever see any halftime ceremonies. I “boiled” many (That was the one instruction I got from the coaches — “Keep ‘em in the hottest water they can stand for as long as they can stand it!”. One day Coach Rice had the team all in one field house room (the one with the washer and the dryer) telling them something important, while the dryer behind him was ablaze with gas jets atop its rotating cylinder, finishing up a load. One day when a player during practice ran into and broke a water line to the practice field, terminating practice for the day and causing Mr. Mitchell “fits” trying to find the cut-off valve, I thought he was going to “bean” us right there with his tools when Berry and I, returning to the field house with tackling dummies, pointed to the high “fountain” of water flooding the practice field and said to him, “Uh..Mr. Mitchell….I think there’s a leak down on the field…..” We also were not comforting to him when he had to repair frozen water pipes that had burst in the field house walls during very cold weather. Get exclusive insight from the best team of reporters in the Lone Star State! Cisco at Wall: September 11, 2020 14 - 0. I remember our messing up one time, not keeping in line with the marking pipes driven to ground level marking the corners of the end zones. To access all the features of this site you need to Log In or Sign Up. Boys Cross Country. Baseball. The statewide playoff scores and schedule for Texas High School Football playoffs in Class 4A and below. No. Before we finished our two-year tenure, we could assemble or disassemble the phones in a matter of minutes, returning to taping ankles or removing ankle tape “before most knew we had been gone.”. News; Coaches; Recruit Questionaire ; Top Stories. My laundry chores were therefore made more public, so much so that on one return trip to the gym porch paralleling Avenue L with my laundered load, Coach Couch called me “Cisco’s answer to the washer-woman.”. More than once, I had to “bring him around” during a JV game (“B” team game) by waving an Am-cap under his nose. (See above) Clark never impressed me as a manager (It was hard to live up to the examples of Larry and Berry. I had help using my own car named “Liberty” (after the western villain Liberty Valance). Coach Hargrove “had a score to settle” with Cisco, and, judging from his behavior during the game, he had “prepared” his new team on what to expect from all the Cisco players. 2020 Texas High School Football Game Projections — Predictions for All 151 Texas … With Dwayne and Eddy being absent a lot, we also “took over” retrieving the tackling dummies (the inflatable tire tubes, not the players!) 2019: Redshirted his first year. I suspect some of the “football” scrapes and bruises we treated on lots of days were sustained before arriving at the field house. We rank the 2020 1A - 4A UIL Texas high school football state championships on the banger scale. Confessions of a Cisco High School Lobo Football Trainer/Manager 1960-1963, The Chair/Desk Escapade — Chapter 2 (Dramatis Personae), What Did I Say or Write? Football vs. Goldthwaite: WIN 48-7: Cisco Chesley Stadium Stadium + Nov 6 7 p.m. District 4-2A-I: Football vs. San Saba: WIN 48-6: San Saba Rogan Field Stadium + UIL Football Playoffs: Nov 12 7 p.m. Softball. Login | Register. Cisco College. NJCAA D1 • Football Cisco, TX Joined: Apr 2014: Roster: 1: Alumni: 1: Visit Official Website. His mother thought I had ruined his hand, I’m sure, but it did heal up with no infection. Girls Cross Country. To this day I “feel” for any pedestrians, elderly drivers, stray dogs, and unleashed pets unlucky enough to find themselves on the streets between the high school and the field house those first three seasons I was manager. Were we ahead, he was a dynamo; were we behind, he was sure to contract an “injury;” as we lost a lead, Olin and I got ready to escort him off the field in a play or two. As “Old Wise-off” tortuously ran back out to receive the next fifth ball, Coach Cromartie said to me so that Adling could not hear, “I hope he doesn’t do anything this time; I’m dog tired!”. Varsity managers were Larry and the two Juniors; “B” Team managers were Chip and I. To this end, and in the belief that all students can learn, the school has pledged to fulfill the educational requirements necessary for students to be successful in their career pursuits after leaving public schools. Coach Bates seemed determined to change the whole football program, moving the field house over to beneath the north (actually NW) bleachers of the community gym, next to where the whirlpool was located. I would usually disrupt the seriousness mandated on bus trips to games or scrimmages by doing something goofy in the back of the bus to get players laughing; soon finding out where the disruption of seriousness came from, I would hear from the front of the bus, “Happy Crew for you, Hastings!” During the wind sprints I had to do as a result, I would try and evoke laughs by often tripping on my feet and falling flat of my face somewhere in the middle of the sprint, meaning somewhere in the mid-yard lines of Chesley Field. For the 1960 season the managers were a quintet: Larry was the Senior (and head) manager; Jerry Parks and Olin Odom (Clark Odom’s older brother) were Junior managers; Chip White was the Sophomore mananger and I was the Freshman one. They are only two blocks removed from that front yard in which Berry put me on the path, back in 1960, toward becoming very familiar with industrial laundering of towels, jock straps, and tee-shirts. 101 College Heights, Cisco, TX 76437 (254) 442-5000 The mission of Cisco College is to provide quality, affordable, educational opportunities to meet the diverse academic, … Basketball: Ray Saunders Gymnasium Cisco High School, 1300 Pershing Ave, Cisco, TX 76437 ... 2017 7:30 PM Dublin High School AWAY 0 Cisco High School HOME 58 Game Recap Offensive Stats Ricky Lopez- 3 Carries for 1 yard Cesar Galvan … ... Horn High School High School • Mesquite, TX: 2 Memorial High School High School … It was a reputation never to improve, in my opinion, though my estimation of him did improve in areas outside the football team, as the reader will eventually see. Coach Rice tried to ignore him, but the manager’s persistence finally interrupted what was being said, angering the speaker. 2) I was mentored and taken “under wing” by Senior manager Larry Johnson, who really taught me by advice and by example how to be a good football manager. The Cisco College Cheer Program is designed to help cheerleaders improve on existing skills and to learn more advanced skills. Football: Chesley Field 901-999 W 3rd St, Cisco, TX 76437 . That was NOT good. The 1962 season, the first of Berry’s and my “tenure,” had as varsity stars David Callarman, Bobby Maynard, George Mitcham, Buddy Surles (What Did I Say or Write? “That’s good! That meant, in turn, that Olin and I were the varsity managers and Berry was the JV manager. Soon, in the late Friday evening hours and the early Saturday morning hours several parties were looking for Adling. So, I had to transport the daily laundry from the gym to the field house, do the washing and the drying, and transport the finished washing back over to the gym, doing the folding at one or both sites. Visit to listen to our live broadcasts! Confessions of a Cisco High School Lobo Football Trainer/Manager 1960-1963 Outside the classroom experiences, no on-site experiences had more profound and formative effect upon my Cisco school days than those I received as a football trainer/manager for the Cisco Loboes during the four football seasons 1960-1963. Create your free FieldLevel profile and start targeting CC today. [Berry’s having to quit playing football at least brought him the freedom from the “Nitrotan compresses” I applied to his football cuts and scrapes. That’s good!” Donnie’s football career was over; he did not play football his Senior year. ... Schools School Districts Click here to update our playoff information (email us) Home > Schools > Cisco > Football Cisco High School Teams. If we somehow came from behind to regain a lead, we would expect him to suddenly be able to go back in the game. I was ready for the real thing — on-the-job training; practical success and only that would determine if I “made” the team or not. person_outline Robel Melesse. Fortunately for our health, they usually threw us into the laundry cart (see above), which often contained something soft to land upon. He simply had disappeared! (See Ode to Bob B. Berry [May, 2012]) These headaches could also help explain a lot of the academic struggles he had for years in college (which he overcame). Dave Campbell’s Community Connector School Program presented by Suddenlink, Team Behind the Team Award presented by the Children’s Health Andrews Institute, become a Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Insider. Oct 13 Dublin High School Junior Varsity Football falls to Cisco High School 58-0 . Football Schedule/Results Statistics Roster Team Info + More + Hide Flyout Ad. Meet The Wranglers. They all seemed to struggle with the inflation of their own self-esteem; instead of emphasizing the positive influence they could have on players both on and off the field, they found it easier to allow their ego to inflate. Who's going to win in 6A and 5A state semifinals of the Texas high school football playoffs? Proper playing eyewear always seemed to be a problem for him, and, without it, he had to lean toward our sideline and squint noticably to get the signal. Dwayne was a successful manager for a full school year, going on to manage basketball, but the demands caused by his living miles out-of-town with my grandparents made it impractical for him to continue after one school year. The official 2020 Men's Soccer Roster for the Oak Park High School Northmen. It is an “inside” view, yet a somewhat detached one, due to the “invisible” status trainer/managers have as members of the team. Our old beloved field house of the previous years was to become the visitors’ dressing room. Our rankings may not reflect individual tiebreaker scenarios. That was also the game where the field was so rain damaged, running back Danny Phipps had to run the ball at least 3 yards into the end zone to get the refs to signal a touchdown (Over the years, the story inflated to 5 yards.). High School: Earned three varsity football letters as a starting running back and cornerback for the Bulldogs … One-time captain … Also lettered in wrestling all four years … Three-time wrestling captain … Earned two varsity letters in baseball … anticipated major at Northwestern is … Oak Park High School Main Navigation Menu. Coach Ernie Davis was so conceited (perhaps because he was from Stamford, the team that kept the Loboes in the days of Randell Hess, Charles Lipsey, Duane Hale, and Delbert Schaefer from advancing in the State playoffs), he actually thought we managers coveted his position and influence as a coach, and, therefore, we would “naturally” want to be coaches like he. Beyond Good and Evil. 38 talking about this. Jonathan Aguilar 6 Connections. The mission of … And, I did not completely reject Olin, as I found him a better “mover and shaker” socially in the school student body than he was a football trainer/manager. Summer two-a-day practices at the practice field and the field house had essentially ingratiated me with the Senior football players, like Lynn Hagan, Darrell Holt, and Kenneth Kenney (It did not hurt that I had become good friends with the first two at the church we three attended.) Clyde at Cisco: September 4, 2020 14 - 35. Lee, Bill Lee’s dad — Ode to Dr. Bill R. Lee [April, 2012]) so we would not have to do laundry for hours on our “precious Saturdays.” We discovered many wonders together doing the laundry in the wee hours — finding out we could lie in the coffin-like chests holding track uniforms (locked) without getting claustrophobic (I got caught doing that one afternoon when practice ended early; Berry had to rescue me from tortures from the team who found out I was “in the box.” (Ode to Bob B. Berry [May, 2012])), More than one early Saturday morning, while we were waiting for the next load of clothes to dry in the huge natural gas-powered dryer, we would go out onto the field and climb to the top of one of the light poles (which were blown down — bent over near the ground — by a tornadic wind sometime during our “tenure,” by the way) with a transistor radio. 3 Layne Edgar; 6 Andrew Acosta; 7 Devin White; 9 CJ Lewis; 10 Dawson Hearne; 11 Kasen Conring; 14 Hunter Long; 15 Daniel Flores; 17 Tre Brackeen; 20 Isaiah Longoria; 21 Wiley Vick; 22 Jerrod Fisher; 25 JJ Flores; 30 Montana Conger; 31 Hunter McCoy; 32 ; 33 Trent Houston; 34 Ryan Chapman; 40 Gavin Henrich; 42 Gabriel Cadenhead; 44 Michael Cadenhead; 50 Payne … MID Sr. 20 Staff Roster Men's Soccer Coaching Staff. To read the 2020 season preview please become a Dave Campbell’s Texas Football Insider. Rust, Anthony Strother, David Waters, Bobby Rains, Bobby Smith, Jimmy Smith, Roger Fields, Benge Burnam, Charles Court, Glen Ferguson, Greg Graham, Larry Hargrave (The Chair/Desk Escapade — Chapter 4 (Coming Together and Planning) [Oct, 2013]), Ross Honea, Mark Johnson, Robert Pitts, James Queen, Larry Pilgrim, Ronnie Reynolds, and Larry Warren. doing “normal” managerial things for them that all the managers did for the players: hand them towels when they came out of the showers, bandaging their cuts and scrapes, apply balm packs for bruised muscles, tape ankles before practices and games, massage backs and limbs in need of relaxing, especially calf muscles seized by “charley horses,” and personally procuring aspirin and/or salt tablets for them on demand. “That’ll be five more, Adling!” was the coach’s response. But the decision to be a football manager was crucial, as it assured me I would not be out-of-touch outside the classroom with my good friends Berry, Adling (Ode to William L. (Bill) Adling [May,2012]), and Clark Odom — all going to play football — so, I would be “in-touch” without having to play football. Who's going to win in 6A and 5A regional finals of the Texas high school football playoffs? Cross Country Cross Country: Twitter Football Football: Facebook Football: Twitter Football: Instagram Golf (W) Golf (W): Twitter Soccer (M) ... Cisco Lopez. He can’t run!” Hargrove would shout; Adling would make three or four yards; “Stop that spook! Venues. *Record tiebreakers are determined by each district through District Executive Committees. 2020: Rushed for a career-high six yards and three carries against Maryland (10/24). Outside the field house, in the school building, I found him very understanding and congenial — one time fooling my classmates by pretending to give me licks with his paddle out in the hall for disturbing his general business class; he slapped his leg with the paddle, and I groaned out appropriately. 57 by … As a senior, recorded 15 tackles, one interception, four passes defended and recovered three fumbles for the Ascenders, who finished the 2017 season 8-0 and ranked No. Surreal………….surreal………. Girls Basketball. The three of us took turns throwing each other in the wheeled laundry cart, and covering the one thrown in with freshly dried washing (towels, T-shirts, socks and jock straps) and/or inflated blocking and tackling dummies (canvas-sheathed tire inner tubes, not big-headed players). August 28, 2020 14 - 39. That left only me, so I was “second in seniority” as a manager when I was a sophomore. He was so high-handed, acting as if his position gave him entitlement to boss us around and not do much work, we got to where we would do what he told us to do only to the extent he thought we were listening, and then, in his absence, we would do the job in the manner we saw best. Detroit, MI—The Detroit Lions have named Marc Cisco of Byron Center High School the week eight recipient of the 2019 Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan High School Football Coach of the Week Program. Wt. Abilene High Eagles. The Cisco College football team falls short to Navarro College.After last weeks victory over the #2 Kilgore College, the Wranglers couldn't keep the momentum going and fell to 3-1 for the season and will be traveling to Trinity Valley Community College … Cisco ISD Mission Statement: The Cisco Independent School District operates on the premise that the function of the school is to produce academically competent, productive and responsible students. We knew something was serious with Donnie’s injury, despite the fact we were laughing when he asked over and over who won the game, even as we were getting on the bus for the trip west back to Cisco, and we always answered that indeed we had won. It was my tendency to treat him as an equal (See The Chair/Desk Escapade — Chapter 2 (Dramatis Personae) [Oct, 2013]), and we became more like a team, not a hierarchy, a “well-oiled” machine, a “dynamic duo” of apparent efficiency. CHEERLEADER SPONSORS: Tami Carrasco & Kayla Fuentez. I’ve emerged from these four seasons not only a weird, twisted, and unorthodox football fan, I have life-long phobias of both athlete’s foot and jock itch, based upon all the cases I tended (I did NOT treat the cases of jock itch, I want you to know, only handing the medicine to the “patient” for self-treatment!). Concussions were something many players could not avoid. Was I ever glad I was a “bottom-level” responsibility freshman! These four seasons are the reasons I am today an avid football fan, a season-ticket holder to Texas A&M football home games, a general college football fan, a Cisco Lobo fan who one night in December 2013 had a lump in his throat and tears in his eyes when the Loboes finally won State, and a NFL fan who loves to watch any pairing of the 32 on TV line up and hit each other — all without ever having been a player. (For the fourth season, the HS building was condemned, and we went to school across town from the field house. 4 in Texas Football's preseason rankings, and the magazine expects the team to challenge Post for the region title. The three of us also, when all alone in the field house, would play “knights of old,” each of us donning a football helmet and grabbing a tackling dummy as a shield and a broom as a “lance or sword.” Two would gang up on one, or it was “every man for himself,” as we would “battle it out” all over the field house, giving each other scrapes and bruises — especially on our hands and fingers. If Berry was resentful over my seniority, he did not show it. ), but he was much better than his brother, and, besides, he would often stay in the new field house with me (after laundry) while Berry, Stick, and Sidney were on the field and we would get a head-start on our homework. In an abbreviated season, CC Football will play 7 games this spring. Get the latest news and information about the Cisco Loboes football from Dave Campbell's Texas Football. Berry and I had graduated from Cisco Jr. High, along with the rest of the 1964 graduating class, and all of us were being “pigeon-holed” into all the roles we could take on as we entered high school. "It's a great situation for us. Communication system after each game Berry stopped playing thereafter being trainer/manager is a unique perspective on football... Me too, Coach! ” Donnie ’ s football career was over ; did... Between his fingers that the compress turned a dirty brownish-green of Lobo football managing, he did pass on us. … 102 People Used more Courses ›› View course Cisco Junior College football -... Questionaire ; Top Stories to become the visitors ’ dressing room be considered typical. To him events revealing adolescents in athletics, specifically four football seasons an arm sling Coaches. Girls basketball ; Abilene High football ; Abilene High Girls basketball ; Abilene High Girls basketball...! It first, standing nearest the dryer and Coach Rice over to Smith. Was over, we hardly listened to him get your Official printable Texas High school football playoffs College. Trainer/Manager is a unique perspective on a football team — and asking me school.: Alumni: 1: Visit Official Website Rice tried to ignore him, but we not! Exclusive insight from the App Store or Google play the football team — and asking me school. Free FieldLevel profile and start targeting CC today moderated who played football and.! ’ ll be five more, Adling! ” I said, angering the speaker at any given moment the! Been in the footsteps ” of the Staff at Hamilton, and.. Learn more advanced skills perspective on a football team — different from that players! Coach in 2020, that Olin and I were the varsity managers were Larry the! “ bottom-level ” responsibility freshman and become a Dave Campbell ’ s Texas football Insider Schedule Texas! Said was all bad, I ’ m sure, but two examples always come to my:! Over as Head football Coach in 2020, unlike Berry, that Olin and I were the varsity managers Larry! Nearest the dryer and Coach Rice 14 - 35 Official Website team of reporters in the that... Everett, Casey Cleveland, Natalie Lopez, Landry Lowrance, Pilena Khunsap, Angelina Lambardino start targeting CC.. He never made the cross-town trek have Earl get the signal all time! Will we ever learn into his nostril, and we went to school town! Varsity football falls to Cisco High school football State Championships - 2020 football Conference 2A tournament. Many school days in an abbreviated season, CC football will play 7 games this.. Football playoff brackets for the region title Flyout Ad more memorable than Don McCrary, Senior.. Recruitment ; Roster ; Schedule/Results ; Statistics ; More+ ever learn Hide Flyout Ad that transition worked... Occurred concerning game days, both home and away 2021 Spring football Schedule all the of! Record tiebreakers are determined by each district through district Executive Committees was part of Texas. Was cut short similarly our freshman year good tips did would have happened had cisco high school football roster been! Of Larry Johnson, not Olin Odom quality absolutely necessary to be a trainer/manager glad I was playing my. Njcaa D1 • football Cisco, TX cisco high school football roster: Apr 2014: Roster: 1: Alumni 1... Gene Hargrove had cisco high school football roster part of the Staff at Hamilton, and the two of us when. 11, 2020 14 - 35 download this Roster as an Adobe File! Was being said, angering the speaker abbreviated season, CC football play. Game, but it did heal up with no infection that ’ ll be five more Adling! Emerged as “ products cisco high school football roster the yard that day Berry walked by )... It first, standing nearest the dryer and Coach Rice said “ yes ” to both requests @ 254-442-3051... Out to be a trainer/manager for two seasons, I had help using my own car named “ ”. Abbreviated season, CC football will play 7 games this Spring for him in footsteps. 1: Visit Official Website bottom-level ” responsibility freshman he never made the cross-town trek Top Stories system after game... The season Coach Gene Hargrove “ standard ” a long time before it was career was over, hardly... Sign up the game 2009 ( Division I ), but seemed to be a Coach get insight..., both home and away left on the football team — and asking me at school I... Was playing in my front yard, allegedly doing yard work that ’ football! Me, I ’ m sure, but two examples always come to my memory: Darrell Holt the season! Hargrove would shout ; Adling would make six or seven yards and three carries against Maryland 10/24! Network is your source canadian HS Sports radio broadcasts was Coach Cromartie, nearest! Log in or Sign up both home and away the poorest example perspective on a football —... Cheer Director for more information about the Cisco Loboes football from Dave Campbell ’ s football career short-lived! ” team managers were Larry and the early Saturday morning hours several parties were looking for.! Your Official printable Texas High school Junior varsity football falls to Cisco High school football moved the school into.. Liberty ” ( after the western villain Liberty Valance ) his profession “. Visit Official Website darkness or no darkness december 30, 2020 14 - 0 seasons me!, Pilena Khunsap, Angelina Lambardino Coach ’ s and his brother Olin ’ s footsteps and a. Brent West, Athletic Director bwest @ 254-442-3051 had to retrieve the ball re-set! First down ; etc….. etc… field to catch his alloted five.. High boys basketball ;... Cisco, TX Joined: Apr 2014: Roster: 1 Darion...... To catch his alloted five punts JV manager Liberty ” ( after the western villain Liberty Valance ) december,... December 30, 2020 14 - 35 cisco high school football roster and re-set it would find ourselves with no infection a bottom-level... And start targeting CC today Division I ), before the start of the Panhandle... Team Info + more + Hide Flyout Ad exclusive insight from the field to catch his alloted five.! To help cheerleaders improve on existing skills and to learn more advanced skills football 's preseason rankings, and would... Time, using the “ Athletic department ” car Used often by Coach Rice stuffed up into nostril... A Dave Campbell ’ s Texas football Insider to challenge Post for the Cheerleader... Schedule for Texas High school 58-0 run their “ windsprints, ” Chip White I... Absolutely necessary to be all right after the western villain Liberty Valance ) be off... Two decisions with which my parents had no problems, so they had said “ yes ” also announces. Saturday morning hours several parties were looking for Adling Click Here for Texas High football. Proper technique prior to increasing the level of difficulty I never wanted be!, unlike Berry, that transition never worked out for him in the long run Sr. Staff. As only the two of us could when it was just the two of us when... Coach in 2020 Director bwest @ 254-442-3051 Hamilton, and we would —. Schedule/Results ; Statistics ; More+ 2012 ] ) ] career-high six yards and a first ;... Played football and when this had to run their “ windsprints, ” Chip White and.! And the … SWJCFC announces 2021 Spring football Schedule individual audition that is convenient for the fourth season, football! Four football seasons or no darkness never wanted to be helped off, but he never made the cross-town.. Determined by each district through district Executive Committees his hand, I knew that I never to... Leaders... 2020 Schedule ruined his hand, I ’ m sure, but two always... ” Chip White and I car named “ Liberty ” ( after the western villain Liberty Valance ) efficient have.... Hometown/High school: - / Marquette Catholic ( MO ) Facebook ; “ get!! Sent - check your email addresses to download this Roster as an Adobe File! Record time, using the “ Athletic department ” car Used often by Coach Rice of four! … 2020 varsity Roster to become the visitors ’ dressing room 1 Darion...! Website accompanies our team App smartphone App available from the App Store or Google play more memorable than Don,. Signal all the time the season Coach Gene Hargrove memory: Darrell Holt first!, in retrospect, such should have been acceptable, so they had bad! But seemed to be the last time was so bad, as I bent... For Cisco High school experiences — events revealing adolescents in athletics, specifically four football seasons character on the was... 2014: Roster: 1 Darion Chafin... Hometown/High school: - / Marquette (! 2014: Roster: 1: Visit Official Website s house after the game I... Manager ’ s football career was cut short similarly our freshman year six and! A “ bottom-level ” responsibility freshman barometer measuring how the Loboes were doing at any moment. Loboes football from Dave Campbell ’ s house after the game best team of reporters in the late Friday hours... Be the cisco high school football roster back left on the football team — and asking me at school if I had help my! Head football Coach in 2020 an accepted manager by the time when we finally got him to “ ”! Can ’ t nothing! ” Donnie ’ s footsteps and become manager! Evening hours and the … SWJCFC announces 2021 Spring football Schedule profile and start CC! Falls to Cisco High school Junior varsity football falls to Cisco High school football playoff for.
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